Town Entry Banner Display Request
Please complete and submit this form.
Town Entry Banner Display RequestPlease note there is limited space, particularly during peak event periods. Priority will be given to major events as determined by Council’s Tourism and Events Officer.

When dropping off the banner for display in the main street the following needs to be supplied to Mansfield Shire Council Reception and conditions of display understood. Banners will only be displayed for a maximum of 1 month prior to and event unless authorised by Council’s Tourism and Events Officer.

Banner must only be for an upcoming event or community information. Council has final say on what is appropriate for display. Banners must meet all the following requirements

• Width – 2m - 3.5m

• Height – 95cm – 1.5m

• Must have eyelets for ropes

• Must have rope supplied. 5mm thick and length of 2m per eyelet

• Banner must have airflow holes

If these requirements are not met your banner will not be displayed.

I acknowledge

• that I am an authorised representative of the organisation named in this agreement
• that my banner may not be displayed if the requirements are not met
• that banners displayed are at councils discretion
Council also has a range of other equipment you may be able to make use of. Please see Equipment Request Form for further information -