2023/2024 Nagambie Lakes Regatta Centre
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This form can be completed if you wish to use the Nagambie Lakes Regatta Centre for the following:Conferences | Meetings | Training Sessions | Workshops | Private Functions | Rowing and Sporting Events | Other Events

If you are planning to hold a public Event at the Regatta Centre, this form needs to be submitted at least 3 MONTHS PRIOR to the Event date.

Visit https://www.strathbogie.vic.gov.au/things-to-do/events/hold-an-event/ for more information on planning an event.

Please note - Strathbogie Shire Council Event Policy has specific timelines that must be adhered to
• Low Impact Event - Minimum 1 months notice
•Medium Impact Event - Minimum 3 months notice
•High Impact Event - Minimum 6 months notice

Please see Event Policy to determine what impact your event will be https://www.strathbogie.vic.gov.au/images/Plans_policies_Strategies_reports/20210806_Events_Policy_adopted_August_2021.pdf
What I will need to complete this form:INSURANCE - You will be required to upload a copy of your Certificate of Currency for your Public Liability (PL) Insurance, at the end of this form. The name on the certificate must match the organising group name and the name associated with the ABN.

ABN - Australian Business Number of the organising group.

Section 1 - The OrganiserTell us about the organisation and person who is organising the event.

If you are holding an event or training camp a Risk Assessment MUST be uploaded, please see documents below.

Section 2 - The EventTell us about your event.

Public - anyone can attend
Private - closed group of people

What time will you need to start setting up your event?
What time will you finish packing up your event?
How long will your event run for?
Regatta Centre Fees & Room Capacities• Downstairs Function Area - Cocktail 110, Theatre Style 90, Meeting 50, Banquet 70

• Upstairs Conference Area - Cocktail 70, Theatre Style 70, Meeting 70, Banquet 50

• Commentary Room (upstairs)- Cocktail n/a, Theatre Style n/a, Meeting 12, Banquet n/a

• Judges Tower (upstairs) - Cocktail n/a, Theatre Style n/a, Meeting 12, Banquet n/a

Fees for hire of the facility for the 2021 – 2022 financial year (all rates listed are inclusive of GST).

Any request to waive fees must be made in writing to the Group Manager Corporate and Community.

Please choose all the options that apply to your event, noting that hire costs will increase per annum each 1st July and invoicing will be amended in accordance with the relevant adopted Council budget.

< = Less than & > = Greater than

Section 3 - Event ActivitiesTell us about the activities planned for the event.

I will provide Council with a Gambling Licence after this form is submitted. Visit the Victorian Commission for Gambling & Liquor Regulation https://www.vcglr.vic.gov.au/

I will provide Council a Traffic Management Plan (TMP) after this form is submitted.

NB - it is not considered free of charge if patrons have paid an entry fee or purchased a ticket.
NB - it is not considered free of charge if patrons have paid an entry fee or purchased a ticket.

NB - it is not considered free of charge if patrons have paid an entry fee or purchased a ticket.
Visit the Victorian Commission for Gambling & Liquor Regulation https://www.vcglr.vic.gov.au/home/liquor

Example measurements:
150 sqm = 10m x 15m
100 sqm = 10m x 10m

If unsure, please tick Yes

Risk Assessment MUST include Risk Matrix
  • Risk Assessment Template

The Public Events Framework has been superseded by changes to the COVIDSafe Settings. The settings of the Public Events Framework are no longer relevant or applicable. All events operate under the COVIDSafe Settings, except those classified as State Significant Venues. https://www.coronavirus.vic.gov.au/public-events

Section 5 - DeclarationConfirm the information you've provided us about the event.
Nagambie Regatta Centre - Conditions of HireFor Occasional Hire
The Council grants the hire of the Lake Nagambie Regatta Centre subject to the following conditions:-

The right to use the facility is subject to Council receiving an application in the required form signed by the proposed hirer undertaking to comply with these conditions. If the proposed hirer is a club, the application must include the personal undertaking by the President and Secretary of the Club.

Hire fees shall be in accordance with the Schedule prepared by the Council and shall be payable two (2) weeks prior to the date of the function.

Any cancellation of a booking for the hire of the premises shall be made at least fourteen (14) days prior to the date of the function otherwise a cancellation fee of 25% of the scheduled fee may be levied. Any cancellation within 24 hours prior to the date of the function may result in a cancellation fee of 50% of the scheduled fee.

The hirer will provide a certificate of currency for insurance for the entire event, to the Strathbogie Shire Council prior to the event.

Council does not insure any property belonging to hirers.

(a) The hirer shall only be entitled to the use of the particular part or parts of the building hired on the date set out in the Schedule to the application and Council reserves the right to permit any other portion of the building to be hired for any other purpose at the same time.
(b) The right conferred on the hirer shall be a permission to occupy and shall not be construed as a tenancy. Nothing contained in these conditions shall confer on a regular hirer the right to exclusive possession and Council may, at its discretion, allow other individuals and groups to have casual use of the premises.

Hirers that are granted permission to use the facility shall not assign the right of use to any other person, organization or body (including keys and key safe code).

Neither the Council nor its servants shall be liable for any loss or damage sustained by the hirer or any person, firm or corporation entrusting to or supplying any article or thing to the hirer for reason of any such article or thing being lost, damaged or stolen. The hirer hereby indemnifies the Council against any claim by any such person, firm or corporation in respect of such article or thing.

The hirer is responsible for leaving the premises in a clean and tidy state and shall remove all rubbish, refuse and waste matter immediately from the building and dispose of it in the bins provided outside. Any cost incurred by Council in cleaning the premises resulting from the condition in which the hirer left the premises shall be recoverable from the hirer.

(a) The floors, walls, blinds or any other part of the building or any fittings or furniture shall not be broken, pierced by nails or screws or in any other way damaged.
(b) The hirer shall accept full financial responsibility for damage to Council property except for normal wear and tear.

No notice, sign, advertisement, scenery, fittings or decorations of any kind shall be erected on the building or attached or affixed to the walls or any other portion of the building, fittings or furniture, without prior written consent of the Council.

Smoking is not permitted in the building or within 5m of doorways. All butts must be disposed of in the bins provided.

In the event of any dispute or difference arising as to the interpretation of these conditions, or of any matter or thing contained therein, the decision of the Council thereon shall be final and conclusive.

Upon arrival, all user groups must take note of all Fire Exits, Fire Extinguishers and Emergency Procedures provided within the facility so that they are fully informed in the event of an emergency. Dial 000 in an emergency.

PAYMENTHire fee payments can be made over the phone via Credit Card, in person with Card, Cash or Cheque or by sending a Cheque by mail. Details are below;

Strathbogie Shire Council - Euroa Office
109A Binney Street, Euroa VIC 3666

Nagambie Visitor Information Centre
293 High Street, Nagambie VIC 3608

PO Box 177, Euroa VIC 3666

(03) 5795 0000
1800 065 993