Event Notification Form (Strathbogie Shire Council)
Please complete and submit this form.

Complete this form if you wish to notify Strathbogie Shire Council of your plans to hold an event on Council managed land or road(s). Visit https://www.strathbogie.vic.gov.au/tourism/about-events/hold-an-event for more information on planning an event. NB: Please fill in all fields marked with a red asterisk and our team will be in touch.

Please note - Strathbogie Shire Council Event Policy has specific timelines that must be adhered to:

• Low Impact Event - Minimum 1 months notice
• Medium Impact Event - Minimum 3 months notice
• High Impact Event - Minimum 6 months notice

Please see Event Policy to determine what impact your event will be https://www.strathbogie.vic.gov.au/images/Plans_policies_Strategies_reports/20210806_Events_Policy_adopted_August_2021.pdf
Event Notification FormTell us about the organisation and person who is organising the event.
The EventTell us about your event.

Event ActivitiesMost events require a Risk Assessment and Emergency Management Plans to be completed and submitted to Council.

In addition, depending on the activities planned for your event, you may be required to submit further documentation.

Tell us about the activities planned for the event and we will get back to you with all required documents and we can provide any assistance you may need.
You must present a licence to sell alcohol

Please contact the Events Team to understand the requirements.

• Public Liability Insurance MUST cover the dates your Event will be held on, Event Approval will not be given if Insurance does not cover all dates.
• Public Liability Insurance must have a minimum of $20 Million
• Please also upload any 3rd Party Insurance here
  • Risk Assessment Template

Please note: All Risk Assessments must include the Risk Matrix that was used to assess the risks.
Please upload Event Management Plan

The Public Events Framework has been superseded by changes to the COVIDSafe Settings. The settings of the Public Events Framework are no longer relevant or applicable. All events operate under the COVIDSafe Settings, except those classified as State Significant Venues. https://www.coronavirus.vic.gov.au/public-events

Social MediaIf you would like Strathbogie Shire Council to promote your event on it's social media outlets please fill in the application below:


• This is an application only. Applications will be assessed by the Communication Team at Strathbogie Shire Council and they reserve the right to amend or decline the application.

• At least one suitable photo must be uploaded.

• Photo's will be assessed and approved by the Communication Team.

• Offensive or controversial topics will not be approved.

• Strathbogie Shire Council will not pay to 'boost' posts.

• Social media posts will not be approved until event approval is given.

• By uploading photo's you grant Strathbogie Shire Council permission to use uploaded photo

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