Event Equipment Hire Form
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Event Equipment Hire To be completed by the Event Organiser to facilitate the hire of different Council assets to the community and other organisations.

To request the fees are waived a sponsorship application must be submitted to council. Please check timelines for these applications https://www.strathbogie.vic.gov.au/community/grants-and-funding/sponsorship-program/

Visit https://www.strathbogie.vic.gov.au/things-to-do/events/hold-an-event/ for more information on planning an event.
The OrganiserTell us about the organisation and the person who is organising the event.
The EventTell us about your event.
Sponsorship RequestItems you are requesting. Please note: this is a request form only this does not mean you are guaranteed any of these items. Each request will be assessed and donations will be subject to availability.

Marquee 3x3 (Value:$80)


Marquee 3x6 (Value:$150)

Event Trailer (Value:$50)

Hand Washing Stations (Max 2) (Value:$0)

Hand Sanitisation Stations (Max 4) (Value:$0)

Portable Water Refill Station (Max 3) (Value:$0)

Market Umbrellas (Max 2) (Value:$50)

Portable PA System (Value:$25)

Total:           -
Declaration & Terms and Conditions Confirm the information you've provided us about the event.

I declare that the above information I have provided is true and correct. and that i agree to the below Terms and Conditions

I understand:
-This is a request form and items will depend on assessment and availability
-It is the responsibility of the Event Organiser to pick up and return equipment from either Euroa or Nagambie (please contact Event Officers to find out where specific items are located)
-All items must be returned within 3 days of Event
-It is the responsibility of the Event Organiser to return all items in the same working order they were picked up in and if any damage has been caused this will be compensated by the Event Organiser.